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Can You Hear Me Now?
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An old-fashioned sounding song with a very contemporary theme . . . Can You Hear Me Now?
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Reni Kay
Reni Kay
August 27, 2005
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Story behind the song
My sister calls me often on her way home from work, and whenever she hits a little valley, I lose her signal . . . so . . .
Can You Hear Me Now? 1. In the valleys it seems The signal grows weak That's just the time You started to speak, You were saying my dear, How much you care Your voice faded away And now you're not there Chorus: Can you hear me now? I heard what you said Sweet lovin' words Then my cell went dead You were asking a question Bout taking those vows Oh darlin' pick up Can you hear me now? 2.I hit the speed dial, A mechanical voice Says leave a message, Asks for my choice My choice is yes, I want you to know But playing phone tag Goes way too slow bridge: Stayin in touch, saying so much It's the way of romance today But when the line goes dead, Thoughts rush through my head I have so much more That I want to say
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