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Let's Agree To Remember To Forget
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Reni Kay
Reni Kay
June 24, 2005
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Let's Agree to Remember To Forget © Reni Kreitzberg Saturday, June 18, 2005 V1 What awful pain just hearing your name As day by day we continue the same Recalling every word that's said Facing tomorrow with numbing dread We've been at odds far too long Let's start all over, forget the wrongs It hurts me so I think it's time To swallow hurt pride, put the past behind C Let's agree to remember to forget our stories never will be the same now before it's too late to change Let's agree to remember to forget V2 In the end what does it matter Who is wrong or who is right Have many worlds must we shatter There'll be no winner in this fight For there soon will come a day When one of us will be gone away Couldn't face that last goodbye If I didn't beg now for one more last try Bridge I remember how you loved me, and my world was a better place When I could tell you too just how much I love you standing face to face
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