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Cheatin' on a Cheater
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Nothing could be sweeter than what used to be, to be cheatin' with the cheater who's been cheatin' on me.
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Reni Kay
Reni Kay
May 02, 2005
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CHEATING ON A CHEATER © Norien “Reni” Kreitzberg Cheatin’ on a cheater ain’t cheatin, you know He’ll tell ya when ya meet her that anything goes Promises forgotten now he’s running free I may not like it, but I can’t disagree What’s right for one, is right for all He’s cheatin on a cheater and having a ball Cheatin’ on a cheater ain’t cheatin you see The man that I cheated on is cheatin’ on me He’ll cross that double line into the passing lane Movin’ so fine he's gonna drive me insane He may come home, if he has a slow night Guess cheatin’ on a cheater makes everything right Now ain’t this somethin’ ? This hurt I’m goin’ through? He had enough, now I got nothin’ so tell ya what I’m gonna do I’ll start cheatin on the cheater that’s been cheatin on me If ya can’t beat em gotta join em you see Double timin’ two step all over town Havin’ a ball, and makin’ the rounds But nothin’ could be sweeter than what used to be To Be cheatin’ with the cheater that’s been cheatin’ on me
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