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Empty Frame
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Haunted by an Empty Frame
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Reni Kay
Reni Kay
April 07, 2005
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Story behind the song
Alas, Another true song, well, almost The frame is empty, but really don't want the fella back!
The last time I saw you, I snapped your picture, you looked so good to me I put your picture in a lovely frame, displayed for the whole world to see Then I got the news, you said we were thru, I refused to succumb to the pain So I tossed all the things that remind me of you, except for that empty frame I put that frame on a closet shelf, cause I might just use it again I’ll find a new love, I told myself, I’ll put a new picture in When I opened the closet door today, and my heart began to pound As memories of you and our yesterdays, with that frame came tumbling down Empty frame, empty bed, a half empty cup No love in sight to fill them up How can I keep from going insane While staring at that empty frame An Empty frame, empty bed, and now a broken heart It’s all I have left since we’re apart For I love you still, no one but you can fill My Empty bed, empty arms, empty frame
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