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Holy Terror
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"We sort of come in peace... except that you humans are highly irrational and violent." In the grand cosmic scheme of things the human race is potentially totally expendable.
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Frederick Serafim
Frederick Serafim
December 20, 2020
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Back in the late 60's I had an encounter late one night near my home, with a very inexplicable glowing object, moving slowly and silently, high above the Niagara power plants, while jets, appearing from over the horizon, then roared around it for 20 or 30 minutes. The jets then roared back over the horizon, and the object casually moved off out of sight. Since then I've never dismissed out of hand, the possibility of alien visitation. If you believe in the Book of Revelation, then New Jerusalem comes down from the sky and saves a remnant of humanity. Given the US mishandling of the Ukraine / Taiwan issues, and Russia and China's advantageous hyper-sonic missile capabilities, some of us might soon be able test that prophetic accuracy. Currently, Roger Waters is on tour explaining Russia's point of view. Here's a few facts people should consider regarding the current Ukraine crisis. Imagine for a moment what the US would do if a major foreign power assisted an anti-US coup d'etat in Mexico, and then started equipping that regime with hi-tech weapons, while they persecuted and killed Americans and pro-US Mexicans living in Mexico. Russia is facing that equivalent scenario. Pink Floyd's Roger Waters recently posed this hypothetical on CNN. Though I was somewhat alarmed at Russia's attack on Kiev, as a long time aficionado of geopolitical affairs, I was not surprised by Russia's military intervention into eastern Ukraine. Here's a few facts you may want to consider, many of which I gleaned over the years from hundreds of, then still objective, mostly western press releases. A small, mild sampling of these releases is listed below as links. Now, the mainstream western narrative has narrowed and hardened, but nevertheless a compromise settlement is both justified and necessary. - In spite of the Cold War being declared over, the US pushed for continued NATO expansion into former Soviet satellite states, against the advice of people like Kissinger, Brzezinski, Clinton's Defense Secretary, Bill Perry and CIA Director William Burns, just to name a few, and in contravention to the pledge made to Mikhail Gorbachev as he voluntarily set the stage for the break up the Soviet Union. Russian complaints were ignored and never properly covered in the western press. - The current Ukrainian government first came to power in a violent 2014 insurrection against the legitimately elected government of Victor Yanukovich, who wanted to be on friendly terms with both the West and Russia. The Ukraine Central Election Commission confirmed the legitimacy of Yanukovich. - - The US was heavily involved in encouraging the insurrection, with Joe and Hunter Biden in the loop, and more importantly, Undersecretary of State, Victoria Nuland was directly involved in the insurrection's progress, and the selection of the new regime's governmental officials. - The specific ouster of Yanukovich in 2014 was spearheaded by the violence of Neo-Nazi brigades, in particular at that time, the Right Sector brigade. Their leader, Dmitry Yarov, is now the commander of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army. - Petro Poroshenko was made leader of the new government. He did try to contain the rise of the Neo-Nazi brigades for a time, but was unable to do so, and was forced to tacitly accept their existence and activities, under pressure of potential assassination. - These are Neo-Nazis, not WWII Nazis. Their prime targets are pro and ethnic Russians, not Jews. For them, violence against Jews is neither necessary nor expedient, at least for now. WWII Nazis killed more than enough Jews in western Ukraine, and President Zelensky, being a Jewish front man, creates deceptively good optics for them. To read more go to: http://www.cryterion.com/Abrev.UkraineCommentary.htm
Holy Terror They travelled from across the galaxy and parked above our skies Holy terror, They've studied all our backward evil ways and seen through all our lies Holy terror, They know mankind's in error and nothing could be fairer Than holy terror, They've watched us poison the oceans and the air, and build atomic bombs Holy terror, They've witnessed our racial bigotry and slaughter of innocent lives Holy terror, They know mankind's in error and nothing could be fairer Than holy terror, They're waiting to find if there's good within mankind, or if our breed is doomed Holy terror, Hopefully, we've enough wisdom and love, salvation up above from Holy terror, Can't you see mankind's in error and nothing could be fairer Than holy terror...
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