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Russian Heaven (Johnik's Song)
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Party song about a close Russian friend from St. Petersburg, and about my favorite beer to drink when I visit there - Baltika 7, which is a European-style lager bottled in Russia.
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Alan Marscher
2017 by Alan Marscher
October 28, 2017
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Story behind the song
Johnik is the nickname of a close friend from St. Petersburg, Russia. He's usually the life of any dinner party that he attends, since he's very witty and knows a lot of popular Russian songs from the Soviet past, which he sings while accompanying himself on the piano.
1. I think that Russian girls are the most gorgeous in the world that I have ever seen in my entire life And every single day I'm very happy to say that one of them is now my wife Whenever we can, we travel to Russia to visit friends And drink toasts with our glasses raised up high, high, high [Chorus] Some prefer to drink vodka, while others enjoy champagne And sometimes they'll sip brandy at the end of the day And when we’re in St. Petersburg, I can find a bit of heaven With our friend Johnik and 2 [6, 10] glasses of Baltika Seven 2. Jonik has a sharp wit and effectively uses it to liven up a dinner party And when the conversation gets slow, he sits down at the piano to play songs everyone knows by heart He elicits fond memories with music and funny stories So let’s toast to him with our glasses raised up high, high, high [Chorus, short guitar solo, repeat Chorus] Ending: Ya lyublyu i Johnik i pivo, chto zavut <> [Translated: I love both Jonik and the beer they call "Baltika" 7]
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