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He'll Wait For Her
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John Pfeifer - vocal, acoustic & electric guitars; Matthew Scott - Synths, drums, piano, lyrics & music;
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Matthew Scott
Matthew Scott
March 23, 2015
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Story behind the song
An oldie but an oldie, this one marked the third trip into a studio for us back in 1986. What began as Matt trying to write a song like John about an incident of carbon monoxide intoxication, but from a more interesting third-person point of view, somehow twanged itself up when applying traditional 4-part arranging rules to a counterpoint melody in the intro, and leaving guitar solo take #1 live in the headphones during guitar solo take #2 resulted in a happy accident Bob Ross would have been proud of. The end result answers the question no one thought to ask, namely what would happen if Air, Roger Waters, and Mazzy Star were locked in a room and forced to record a country song?
He plays it cool, he's no fool he takes what he can get She sees him there, and she doesn't care she wants to just forget He sees her eyes, and there's no disguise there's something shining through She's flying high, no reason why she's got something to do He'll wait for her He'll wait He makes his move, he's in the groove he takes control of the wheel She starts to blush, but in all thrush she doesn't know how he feels He'll wait for her He'll wait He's got someone, the only one in his heart he knows that's true She's got her style, and in a while she's got someone else too He'll wait for her He'll wait He'll wait for her He'll wait He'll wait for her He'll wait He'll wait for her He'll wait
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