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The Frapture
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Joe DeCristopher plays guitar, drum programmng and sings backup vocal, George Potor plays guitar and sings backup vocal, Fred Strickland plays 5-string bass and sings lead vocal
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Fred Strickland
November 13, 2012
MP3 4.5 MB, 128 kbps, 4:54
Story behind the song
Fred wrote this for DePotorLand's September 30th performance at the Fracking Awareness Concert at Central Oak Heights.
Intro cameo: Jumpin’ Jack Flash The Pennsylvania countryside is bustling nowadays, with Out-of-state workers, outlandish machines in any direction you gaze. They’re taking the gas, they’re making huge cash,and they tell us we don’t need to fret. But the research, you see, that would prove our safety somehow isn’t finished just yet. Frack-a-frack-a-frack! Oh yes they are frackers! Frack and frack and frack! for their oil-company masters. 2nd cameo: Pump It Up You know you don’t need it! Watch ‘em while they bleed it! You don’t throw something up in the air and expect it not to come down. So why then is it safe to put into place a bomb down deep in the ground? So much pressure that it can break rock – it’s got to find release! Too bad for the water, too bad for the air, and for the folks who signed the lease. Frack-a-frack-a-frack! Could end in disaster. Frack and frack and frack! Who knows what comes after? 3rd cameo: Smoke On The Water We all should share the water and air and yes, the minerals too! But the folks we elect, who are ‘sposed to protect -- well, that’s not how they do. They open the door and give away the store; and probably line their pockets too. Frackers get the gas, their cronies get the cash -- Not much left for me and you. Frack-a-frack-a-frack! That behavior is shameful. Frack and frack and frack! To see it is painful. 4th cameo: Take The Money And Run A day will come when the gas is gone and the frackers are no longer around. And we’ll be left with whatever mess from all that they put in the ground. A self-styled elite, disappearance complete -- and the rest left behind to suffer. I’ve heard such before, in scripture I’m sure -- it’s a real-world version of Rapture! Frap-a-frap-a-frap! I call it the Frapture! Frack-a-frack-a-frack! They won’t be here after. Frack-a-frack-a-frack! It’s not their disaster. Frack-a-frack-a-frack! Who knows what comes after?
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