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You Came, You Clicked and You Turned Me On!
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A Soundclick Sprite? An Online Dating Story?? What DO the Songs do WAITING to be Played!???
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Peak #8
Peak in subgenre #1
April 14, 2004
MP3 1.8 MB, 128 kbps, 0:00
Story behind the song
I was sitting here, listening to other artists songs on Soundclick, and thought to myself, wouldn't it be nice if they knew I was listening, wouldn't it be nice if when I clicked, they would be right here to sing to me? Well, the "fantasy" enlarged, and due to a very strange sense of humor, became this Online Song.
Spoken: Oh you clicked me, I was waiting! Oh, look at you, you are looking fine . . I’m so glad you finally came along to turn me on . . . Been no one for a while to come and hear my song And I’m always ready, no matter right or wrong Ready to be your vamp, your star . . .when you turn me on CHORUS You turned me on, and took me off that dusty shelf You turned me on, made me forget my lonesome self Gave me a reason once more to sing my song So glad you came, you clicked and you turned me on. Ever wondered what it’s like, when you’re not around It’s quiet, warm, and dark in here, with barely any sound But I’m always waiting here to reach out near or far Ready to sing my song for you, no matter where you are, Lots of choices waiting here just for you to pick You were Mousing around, I held my breath, at last that click You’ll live in my memory from this moment on For a bit you came, you clicked and you turned me on
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