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Burning - Featuring Diana Randall
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Sexy song of intimacy
Peak #12
Peak in subgenre #5
Alan D. David, BMI / Diana Bowers, BMI
2011 Alan D. David, BMI / Diana Bowers, BMI
October 19, 2011
MP3 2.7 MB, 128 kbps, 2:57
Story behind the song
We decided to write a really sexy but classy song about the intimacy of being deeply in love.
BURNING © 2011 Alan D. David, BMI / Diana Bowers, BMI (v1) When you look at me, the way you often do I know what you’re saying, I read your silent cue I know you want me Baby, the way I’m wanting you Come to me Darling, we’ll make those thoughts come true (v2) Your fingers touch me, my passion overflows I’m burning with desire, as you remove my clothes There’s no way to tell you, ‘bout the fire inside of me As we hold each other and make love so tenderly CHORUS I’m burning through and through I call your name in whisper, as I’m making love to you The flames fuel my passion, I’m burning inside Oh, I’m burning hot for you Instrumental Break (v3) Embers still glowing, from the love we just made The flames’ steady flicker, refuses to fade Then you look at me that way, and I need you once again Come love me Darling, don’t ever let it end REPEAT CHORUS
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