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Dream Girl ft. Quis (Produced by Nine Diamond)
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Beat produced by Nine Diamond of Shadowville Productions.. Get more BANGERS at www.shadowville.com
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Lyrics: Strife Divine - Beat: Nine Diamond
ILLusive Recordings
December 21, 2011
MP3 4.5 MB, 160 kbps, 3:57
Story behind the song
A song about the woman of my dreams.. Although, she dosn't exist..
"Dream Girl" (Chorus: by Quis)x2 (Verse 1:) before I met you girl, my life was a mess, and I must confess, my sight I detest, so I'm sitten here trying to fight my reflection, tired of rejection and my imperfections, I know this stuff is holding me back, from roamin the map to closin the gap, of what I really need and girl that is you! I'm stuck behind this glass and I can't see through, and I can't break out but your holden the key, to my cell of depression, please set me free! let my heart soar and my spirit fly! if u listen close you might hear it cry, and call out your name cuz all the remains, is nothing but pain and a wall full of shame, that I put around my heart so no one can break in, but you just tore it down and I am shaking, trembling whenever I'm next to you, never felt like this, what did I get into? if I let down my guard and let you in, please don't break my heart and then jet to friends, just to fret to them cuz I met you when, I was at my lowest point with no next of kin, alone i lay at night and dream of this girl, but your just a fantasy, you can't be in my world, (Chorus: by Quis)x2 (Verse 2) when I close my eyes I see your face, and I know in my heart u'll never be replaced, cuz I never felt a love like this before, lookin to the future, what it has in store, filled with ups and downs but thats just life, and I hate my life but thats just strife, so I clutch the mic and rap it tight, so I have no regrets in the afterlife, and I gotta get this off of my chest today, depressed ok, throw the rest away, and open up my heart to some happiness, like the way I feel right now when i'm rapping this, and thinking of you girl what should I do? my life is upside and so askew, and twisted just like the lace on my shoe, so I do a one-eighty and i'm facing who? you, cuz you got my back, and never put me down cuz your not like that, we're from two different worlds but so alike, and I know its right when I hold you tight! but then I wake up and your not there, alone in my bed and its so not fair, it makes me wanna cry, yell and scream! but then I realize your just a dream, (Chorus: by Quis)x2
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