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So Mote It Be
I wrote this song because I was feeling very close to the spirits of nature. I just sat down and it started pouring out.
Acoustic - Acoustic Rock
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Jacqueline Ryks/Melini & Joseph J. Melini
January 07, 2005
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Story behind the song
I was sitting and looking outside and I was burning my candles to make the house smell good. This song just came out of no where. My girlfriend Kim Capece asked Joe and myself how we wrote a song. We hooked the equipment and in about 20 minutes the song came together and Kim sang back up for me. This is a very spiritual song. And it came from my heart and my deepest thoughts and belief in mother nature and her spirits.
Verse-1 You make me feel As if I were standing naked to the cold I ask of the sun Warm these weary bones. (Repeating Chorus) Secure me in my numbness Yet, aware of the close mindedness I give myself over God and Goddess I call to thee warm my heart Make me over candls of fire I ask, So Mote It Be. Verse-2 Protect those that do not know Shine forever bright For the land we love We'll bind together as one, once again. Verse-3 Of all your love I seek shelter I give my love of you For no one could take me higher. Jacqueline Ryks/Melini -lead vocals Kimberly Capece -backing vocals Joseph J. Melini - Acoustic Electric, Electric guitar (Lead)
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