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This is the demo version of a Gallatin/Mizzell song. I hope you enjoy it, and Happy Holidays to all my Facebook, and JPF friends. Pete
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Country - Christian Country
Charts #75 in subgenre today (peak #2)
Previous peak charts position #9
Pete Gallatin and Terry Mizzell
all rights reserved
December 07, 2017
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4:22 minutes
1-800-4-HEAVEN 1-800-4-HEAVEN He lights a candle on her birthday cake, down comes a tear he can't hide. Little Aimee looks up at him, says Daddy. please don't cry He says " Honey, I'm alright, just sad your Mommy's gone." Aimee runs into her room, brings back a little toy phone. chorus She dials 1-800-4-Heaven, She believes love never ends. Says. Mommy, can you come home please, let's be a family again? She dials 1-800-4- Heaven." Aimee smiles and hands him the phone, he wonders what he should do. Loves her so much he plays along, says. "Honey I miss you too But I've got Aimee to help me now, she's more like you every day When I need to get in touch, she'll show me the way" chorus "We'll dial 1-800-4-HEAVEN - We believe love never ends. Makes me feel so close to you, feels like more than just pretend When she dials 1-800-4-HEAVEN" bridge Twenty years later, here comes Aimee now, hurrying on her way home Her husband took the kids to the park, nice to have some time alone Her thoughts are drawn to an old toy phone, she remembers when As her eyes fill up with tears, her heart is calling for him. chorus She dials 1-800-4-HEAVEN- She belives love never ends Mom and Dad look over us until we meet again We'll dial 1-800-4-HEAVEN She dials 1-800-4-HEAVEN all rights reserved- -Mizzell and Gallatin (503) 892-2004
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