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The World I Dreamed Of mix
Electro dance tune with a Berlin type vocal -- could be the end of a relationship or the end of the world - you decide.
Electronic - Euro
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Pete Gallatin
copyright 2006 Pete Gallatin
October 08, 2017
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3:22 minutes
The World I Dreamed Of Storm clouds have gathered they are blocking out the sun Our time is ending when it should have just begun The mellow night is stagnant without a song Have I been sleeping with this coming all along chorus It's not the world I dreamed of, for you and me It's not the way I wanted things to be oh,oh,oh,oh,oh Making denials as we try to wash our hands Our tears are hidden by the shifting of the sands Who will point their fingers, who will take the blame Does it really matter when the story stays the same repeat chorus break We have some chips and as we button up our hearts We beg and whimper as we watch the final ship depart Chorus x2 and ending Pete Gallatin 2006 all rights reserved