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sad eyes
this is a facebook collab of lyrics
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October 12, 2015
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Story behind the song
two meet at the ocean side ..both with recent tragedies
Sad eyes I saw her sitting on a playground toy… staring off to the sea I walked on over and caught her eyes…. do you want some company She said nothing and turned away…. not at all impressed with me Her eyes were pretty but the pain was there ..something bad she’d been through I tried again but her head went down she whispered how do I know you I said I’d like to talk to someone, maybe you, cuz I have been hurt too Sad eyes I wanna take away your pain Sad eyes It doesn’t have to always rain She said do you like the sea (I saw a sparkle in her eye) do you wanna walk with me I’z too excited to deny I’ll tell you my story I’ve been whispering to the sea