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Goodbye My Friends
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A benediction for use as a solo or for praise team
Pop - Contemporary Christian
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Carl Fritsche
Copyright 1985 Carl Fritsche
June 02, 2018
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Story behind the song
Though I originally wrote this in 1985, I never performed it or released it until I rewrote the lyrics in 2008. Not sure why they call it a benediction. It seems to me that if the song at the beginning of the service is called the introit than the song at the end of the service should be called the detroit. ;-)
Goodbye my friends, until we meet again, You'll be in my prayers, and I in yours. As we go our separate ways to find the will of Him who sent us, May the sun shine gently on your face, The wind be always at your back, And may the peace of Christ be on you all my friends. Goodbye my friends, May blessings come your way, May His Spirit fill your lives with joy. May His love remain within your hearts, And guide your steps I pray. And may His will be always clear to you, His Peace be always near to you, And may His grace be always on you all, my friends.
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