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I'm Selling Body Parts
The third Matty-Dave 2010 AmIRight All Stars parody. This parody of N'Sync's "Tearin' Out My Heart" is a collaboration between Matthias Writer and Below Average Dave Vocalist/Producer and is part of a series of collaborations of AmIRight Writers/Perf
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Matthias (Words) Below Average Dave (Vocals)
August 31, 2010
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3:34 minutes
Story behind the song
Written by Matthias, Recorded by Below Average Dave, Backing Track made by RECISIO used with permission from them
Ia019m selling body parts Cause I need cash I even sold my heart and my mustache For a thousand bucks or two Ia019d sell my brain It's Pricey, cause unused Ooooh Oh No Lepera019s dealing his right hand Just made a million dollars And if this stuffa019s in demand Selling for lots of money Buy my chin! Or my toes The nails arena019t curled (I need dough) Auctioning off my knees You cana019t find this in a store!!! Ia019m yanking off my nose For a few bucks I wish I wasna019t broke, but hey life sucks On my arm therea019s a tattoo You can obtain For $12.82 Oooooooooh All Right Babe, Ia019m not a masochist (Not a masochist) This is not for pleasure All my credit cards are trash (Credit cards are trasha026) Money is low. I keep running out of cash Sure therea019s dole But instead I found a loophole Cause right now lifea019s a breeze If you stomach blood and gore!!! Ia019m chopping off my lips Look on eBay A hundred million hits in just one day You think that I have found loose screws, Ia019m insane Finance problema019s through Sold for cash my foot and mole Shopping carts holds my wrist too And my bladder and my tooth I gave the bank To pay off my dues Sold my body parts for gold Wasna019t smart, and now Ia019m screwed my doctor said, a01CThey need to be replaceda01D Figures he reviewed Ia019m buying back my butt The price is paid Is doubled by some nut, Ia019m feeling played Since I sold my manhood too, It needs replaced But it aina019t quite new If youa019re broke then simply sue Dona019t play this game a01CSelling parts of youa01D
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