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I'm Over it-I'm Over you! Finished!
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July 14, 2010
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"I'm Over It (I'm Over You)" (C) 2009 by Michele Bolton/Stan Good/Rodney Auld Too-Many Late Nights I Waited 'Till You Got Back Too-MANY "Last Warnings"..NOW You're OUT in The Trash I'm the only thing you had I didn't throw in the yard So When You Stagger Back-Home..DON'T be lookin FOR The CAR... (CLIMB) 'Cuz I put on My Jeans & Dried My Eyes I took the cage with the bird inside (CHORUS) Cuz I'M OVER IT/I'M OVER YOU I DROVE OFF With Your COCKATOO This BIRD OF YOURS Knows WHAT-TO-DO NOW I'M OVER IT/I'M OVER YOU! 'Guess What I Felt for You has Come To Pass Now Let's SEE How Far I GET on One Tank of Gas I'll Leave This Ol' Car..when it quits..by The Side of The Road I'll put the bird in the suitcase and see how far we go (Ah she's joken') Cockatoo impersonator. (CLIMB) Singing together as we walk along It Doesn't really matter if the words are wrong (CHORUS) Cuz, I'M OVER IT/I'M OVER YOU You Can KEEP Sleepin' With the KANGAROOS I'll BET You'll MISS These Birds That-FLEW But I'M OVER IT/I'M OVER YOU!-- (BRIDGE) I'm SORRY, Mate, IF I RUFFLED Your FEATHERS.. But LIVIN' With This PARROT Is Giving Me FAR-MORE Pleasure (Oh yeah) Instrumental (CHORUS) I'M OVER IT/I'M OVER YOU This BIRD Talks MORE..to Me..It's TRUE! It's a Whole LOT-FRIENDLIER & Sings GOOD, Too! I'M OVER IT (CHORUS 2) I'M OVER IT/I'M OVER YOU There's NO MORE Tellin' Me WHAT-TO-DO So have fun Kiss'n those Kangaroos Cuz I'M OVER IT/I'M OVER YOU... (TAG) You're Bein' REPLACED By a COCK-A-TOO...{WINK-WINK!} Cuz I'M OVER IT I'M OVER YOU I'M OVER YOU I'M OVER YOU I'M OVER YOU G'bye Mate ( Cockatoo impersonator) (All Rights Reserved.) _________________________
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