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I Spy
life's tough when you're at the bottom of the food chain!
Acoustic - Acoustic Folk
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Ellen Moseley
April 22, 2010
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128 kbps bitrate
2:51 minutes
Story behind the song
My daughter brought a big, blind, lop-eared bunny all the way from Portland, Oregon last year.......and she stole my heart the second she hopped out of her carrier onto my lawn.
I Spy I. I spy your golden eye circling around you’re spyin’ on my bunny girl hoppin’ on the ground I spy your golden eye considering a kill you’re lookin’ at my bunny girl like she’s your next meal II. I take a piece of silvered glass, aim it at the sky holdin’ it to catch the light and blind your golden eye you settle in a big oak tree, make yourself unseen disappearin’ in the leaves, your golden eyes so keen III. I spy with my little eye, you in that yonder tree Mr. Red Tail Hawk’s your name but you don’t know me and how I love that bunny girl hoppin’ on the ground she won’t be your meal, no sir, that I won’t allow IV. I go bang, bang, bang with a stick Daddy says that does the trick makes you think I have a gun you take off flyin’ towards the sun Ellen Moseley Sept. 18, 2009