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Good Luck With That...New Mix
mid-tempo country/pop tune
Country - Country-Pop
Charts #477 in subgenre today (peak #12)
Previous peak charts position #52
Janice Hopkins/Steven Rieck/Magne Kolstad
April 15, 2010
MP3 2.9 MB
128 kbps bitrate
3:10 minutes
Story behind the song
About a gal who is tired of her man's excuses and get rich schemes.
Good Luck With That © 2009 Janice Hopkins/Steve Rieck/Magne Kolstad, Stood there lookin’ so sure of myself Him repeating time would tell He’d make millions with his get rich schemes In one ear and out like all his crazy dreams Bag the twelve pointer, hook the big bass Drive a new Hummer with our lottery cash I’d pick the color, like that’s a fact Said he’s sick and tired of my talkin’ smack I told him….Yeah, Good Luck With That…. Chorus: He’s got his plans Well, I got some too But, it seems they fit Like two left shoes No Manna from Heaven ‘Til you pay your dues He said, can’t we take another chance I looked him up and down and laughed Yeah, Good Luck With That Lost out of town, won’t ask directions Calls me up whinin’ from an intersection Couldn’t find his way out of a paper bag Cause if he tried he’d probably make it back Yeah, Good Luck With That…. Repeat Chorus: Bridge: He says day I say night Nothin’s left Says he’ll make it right He’ll change my mind later on tonight When I feel his Midas touch……. Oh, yeah…..Good Luck! Repeat Chorus…