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Stalking Miley
Parody of "My Way" by Elvis Presley/Frank Sinatra
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September 07, 2009
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Story behind the song
Ok, I wrote the words even did the singing before I saw a story about a guy being charged with stalking Miley Cyrus. Scary. I don't condone such behavior.
And now her place is near This is her address I'm certain And soon on her I'll peer If someone could just move that curtain Can't leave, though bladder's full I've traveled far to see her Smiley My Hope, My Destiny I'm stalking Miley Jealous, I've been there too It hard not to, I live with passion I was glad when I heard That she broke up with that jerk Gaston I've seen each concert date No ticket price was up too highly I'd pay more, much more than this To stalk my Miley Yes, there were times, I had to run When Billy Ray took out his gun But through it all this would not hide That she will be my blushing bride To me she'll sing, I bought a ring I'm stalking Miley I've tape the Disney girl I have Big Fish, Breakout's a virus It was Best of Both Worlds Told me to Meet Miley Cyrus To think, I snuck on set Saw The Last Song, I was quite wily Oh yeah, she waved at me I'm stalking Miley Look at this photo, it's signed a€œWith Lovea€쳌 I'm not a fan, I'm far above Vanity Fair, I saw the pics Wish I could be a grey blanket Soon she'll appear like Brittany Spears I'm stalking Miley I'll hit the scene when she's eighteen And marry Miley
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