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Bigger Chest
A bulking parody of "Lose My Breath" by Destiny's Child about steroid abuse (obviously not the girls--DC would never do that:))
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Podcasts - Parody
Previous peak charts position #22
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #7
Below Average Dave (Vocals)/Recisio (track)
2009 Below Average Dave
June 29, 2009
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320 kbps bitrate
3:35 minutes
Story behind the song
Written as an epic parody, about an epic topic, to an epic song--in a word it is Epic.
Mold Me!! Please Build Me Up Trainer Guy, Help me build my chest Trim my thighs, I want nicer pecs Make me large, I'll work out all (Panting) I won't give up Running hard, I'm feeling like death Fifty yards, Running out of breath No Heath bars, gonna build my (Panting) OOOh I set my goal here, wanna to drop a size or two I think maybe I'll keep building my whole life through I want to be full stocked like a pantry No stews, or Dew, this dudes, all new Diet's gonna make me look so damn cool OOOh Being big boned has really become taboo Choke on steroids and jump in a canoe All my muscles will soon look all pretty I will go on those G.N.C. shop sprees I'll look even better when I shave my body Doing push ups Every night, Gonna lose this butt Jump for joy, strengthening my gut Done with bars, Time to do some (Panting) Time to beef up Build my abs, Do sit ups all week Looking fab, Building like a Greek Like a barge, Pulling up for (Panting) OOOh You'll be impressed by these new aerobic moves and you've gotta love the fact that all my hair's removed So what if I look like everyone else at the gym At least on the beach I'll be looking so slim and there is no more fat on any of my limbs OOOoooOOOh You'd think diff'rent if you had to walk in my shoes I'm glad I no longer look like I ate the zoo I got sick of all the rejection So I found myself a trainer and got his inspection And now my body redefines perfection Ya'll can't keep up I have cried, Want my buns so tight My good side, Is that left or right Working hard, Gotta drop ten (Panting) Keep pumping up Like a barge, I'm a bit obsessed Getting large, Like them ads for Zest All enlarged, Even in my (Panting) Want to bulk up? It's no joy, Gotta crunch a bunch Ain't no boy, I can pack a punch I'm in charge, I'll build up my (Panting) (hey hey) I'll never stop Popping veins, I'm in such good health Takes some pain, modeling brings wealth Staying hard, I don't mean my (Panting) (ooooo) If you don't push yourself dude It's like giving up son Getting bulk ain't fun and you've just begun If you can't push yourself dude I don't mean to be rude You've got to suppress that chest get out now 'cause I'm just not impressed Couldn't keep up Lazy guy, so you've got man breast But not I, and you look depressed Looking large, See you lose your (Panting) I'm filling up Muscle's fine, Looking great at last So divine, while I'm pumping gas Looking hard, staring at my (Panting) You can't keep up Right said Fred, Sexy for this shirt To my head, everybody flirts Living large, Letting out a (Panting) Just one more pump Bulk once more, Slightly larger chest What's that noise, Ripping out my vest This hurts hard, think I'm 'bout to (Singer Blows Up)