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From start to finish, a power saw hat's off to one of rocks most influential talent, Randy Rhoads. This song is Mike's song contribution for this years Randy Rhoads CD Project.
Rock - Instrumental Rock
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Michael Lowery
July 01, 2009
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3:10 minutes
Story behind the song
"Burbank" is the "final cut" of my song contribution to this years Randy Rhoads CD Project. Randy was from Burbank, CA and this song had me visualizing his climb up the ranks of the LA club scene as a guitar player and having the time of his life in the streets of Burbank. I wanted to capture Randy's Quiet Riot era style with all the West Coast bravado I could muster. It felt really good bringing all the instruments together, since I am much better with Addictive Drums these days, and I think I had the most fun tracking the bass line. I love to play the bass on my own stuff.
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