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Makes Me wanna........
A heavy rant aimed at the stupid politics of this world we live in. Spoken verses and a raucous vocal for the chorus. Mr Willis....you're an inspiration!
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Willis, Myers, Brough
Willis, Myers, Brough
June 16, 2009
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Story behind the song
Tommy Willis and Kevin Myers were knocking around ideas based on a D echo lick that Kevin came up with. Tommy expanded it into a 5 minute tune and asked me to put some lyrics and vocals to it. JDet provided the backing vox. Pingcat laid down some amazing lead guitar sounds and the rest, as they say, is history
Hey.....There's something I want to say To you people in charge If you'll listen I'm tired of this bull sh** world I'm tired of the way you people always think you know best What gives you the right to decide who needs saving in this world? ....and who doesn't Who are you to decide who lives through your good grace.... and who dies because thier pathetic little lives don't interest you? You sit in your ivory towers with your Starbucks coffee and your Mamas' home made cookies ...while people make your designer clothes for a bowl of rice a day Feels good don't it? Yeah right.... Go screw yourselves Makes me wanna, makes me wanna, makes me wanna scream.. Don't you wanna, don't you wanna, don't you wanna scream.... Makes me wanna scream..... So...what's the answer? United Nations? Gimme a break! They couldn't find thier own ass with both hands People better than you struggle through thier ordinary boring lives everyday... They don't get to decide the fate of the world.........maybe they should! I'm not asking for Utopia here.. Just a place where people can live thier lives without wondering if thier children are gonna get killed in the next f***ing pointless war ..or whether thier kids are gonna get shot at school cos someone had a real bad day. It's all so f***king pointless... Hey..... I don't have the answers I'm just asking the questions It's all up to you Just don't take too long Cos when everything is finally screwed up There's no going back Goodbye world. (rpt chorus)
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