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I Verbed a Noun
"I Kissed a Girl" by Katy Perry has been parodied so much, and this song takes the topic on full steam. . .Katy--you are fun--but this factitious lesbianism song is hit so much, I had to hit it myself.
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Below Average Dave(Vocals/Words)
Below Average Dave 2009
June 15, 2009
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Story behind the song
I actually do like the original song, as I do most songs I parody. The thing is, it seems to me this song is the top target for parody choice, in fact I've seen so many, that while tapping the parts of the video I'm working on for it, I've accidentally slipped into other parody lines several times--that is what this parody is all about, the parodies of this song. . .oh and the fact the Katy Perry has never kissed a girl, at least not as of this posting!
This song's not hard to understand Each You Tube session and so I gaze pen in hand What an obsession Parody Well there's two? and there's six-hundred more Guess this song's not taboo No comprehension We've heard the song, but she faked it She prefers the taste of man spit It's been lampooned more than most hits and from the look, it will not quit Peed in the Pool, I kissed a guy, Found two about getting high, I kicked a nerd and Jeff liked it He liked it! The video was rather tame Girls were all scattered She don't kiss any, ain't that lame This song's just chatter That's 'cause Kate's into dudes Got rich by playing gay Addicted to this tune Why do I crave? I kissed Grandma, that's disgusting So's the one 'bout food hustling I hit a girl, someone's singing I hope he's just mud slinging Some kiss a pig Some kiss a cat and one who picked up dog scat He tebagged Frank in a hard hat In a hard hat This song's been hit by boys and girls Quick hit, Lyrics, Give it a whirl Some titles make me want to hurl To simple, to pass up It is alright, it deserves it. On Mad-TV they had hit it It almost looked like it was legit I kissed Yo Girl, sounds arrogant But that dude managed to rap it! One about frogs One about school and Big Mac's make some kid drool I took this song and I trashed it I trashed it!
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