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Queen Caroline's Lament
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This was written in support of a group trying to stop Hammersmith Council demolishing their homes to make way for luxury flats . http://handsoffqc.blogspot.com/ Many thanks to Tim de Ferrars (co-writer & bass) and Martyn Kember-Smith (violin)
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Tim de Ferrars / Dick Langford
Tim de Ferrars / Dick Langford
August 04, 2009
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Story behind the song
I have a box full of old cassettes with "ideas" on them. The basis for this melody came from one of those tapes. I was trying for a traditional folk sound. I originally used it to lyrics by a guy called Scott Graveson so I thank him for getting me to drag the melody out in the first place. Further songs by Tim can be found here http://www.soundclick.com/themiskicks And here http://www.soundclick.com/thenortonfolgatesound Martyn's songs are here http://www.myspace.com/catonthefiddle Pete Young's songs are here http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=690748 Thanks to Pete, Steve and Len & wife for extra vocals.
Oh the Tories will say, they'll take nothing away They won't make us homeless, but they won't let us stay But losing our homes is a high price to pay And they won?t come back when they're gone. They won?t come back when they're gone. And the moneymen crying, just look at the waste ? They're illiterates living on prime real estate We?ll replace them, displace them with money and taste, And they won?t come back when they?re gone. They won?t come back when they?re gone. I was feeding the swans on the Thames The sun going down by the bridge. And I knew this is worth more than any man?s greed And how can they live with their conscience clear? I felt someone standing by me The shadows were long, but she called out my name. A voice talking down through the years, Saying, carry on ? force them to tears....??..of shame. Queen Caroline lived through an interesting time A rake for a husband, a king lost his mind But it's morals not marbles the council can't find And they won't come back when they've gone Some say it's a right to live where we're born, Not a privilege or something we have to pay for Oh some of us struggle but don't call us poor And we won't come back when we're gone. We built up our homes and it was our intent That we built a community, made up of friends Now we stand to lose all for the council's own ends And they won't come back when they've gone And so it begins and you know what they'll do To move out the riff-raff and bid them adieu If they can do this to us they can do it to you And you won't come back when you're gone
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