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Watermelon Man - Tyrone and Tiano
Our take on the classic Herbie Hancock track, WATERMELON MAN. 1st 2 verses: Tiano Last 2 verses: Tyrone
Jazz - Jazz General
Previous peak charts position #44
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #10
Herbie Hancock
June 01, 2009
MP3 4.2 MB
128 kbps bitrate
4:34 minutes
Story behind the song
This is the first track of upcoming collaboration from Tiano and Tyrone (Lalas), both on guitars and whatnot. Tyrone plays Ibanez Artcore while Tiano plays the Frankenstrat. (for Tiano's sound chain, see www.multiply.com/martianiny) Drums and bass from the world wide web. Piano by Tiano.