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pretty straight-forward, 2 1/2 minute rave up. Don't look for complexity here...
Rock - Garage Rock
Previous peak charts position #83
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #3
Road Apples (JMB)
B. Christine Songs 2009 (SOCAN)
April 30, 2009
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chorus: I've got a girl named Melody She's everything that I want her to be I've got a girl named Melody One look at her just sets me free (2nd - She's got something you ain't never gonna see) (3rd - I look at her and I go weak at the knees) verse: We go out walkin' and everybody stares She makes me feel like a millionaire She'd make an unbeliever say his prayers Don't really want to go on like this But Melody's a sight that you don't wanna miss My love for her I just can't contain The kinda love that can drive a man insane chorus I know you think that I'm some kinda fool I know in my heart that love can be cruel When I'm with her I don't need to be cool It feels so right I know it ain't wrong That's why I'm singin' a Melody song I fell in love in sweet harmony That's how I know that this girl is meant for me JMB April 2009
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