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Blown Away
love and loss
Acoustic - Acoustic General
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Ricki E. Bellos
Ricki E. Bellos
March 31, 2009
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Story behind the song
It could be about a lover leaving or a dying parent. Whatever gets you through.
BLOWN AWAY ©Ricki E. Bellos In this window I can still see myself As if I were somebody else I move in no set direction A storm brews in my reflection Oh now the blowing wind Begins I could tell by the look on your face You were stranded in some darkened place You were leaving and I could not go I was crying but couldn’t let it show Oh hear the wind howl Out loud I thought more time would make me strong There isn’t time enough to last that long I was ready when the day had come But not when day was done I have dreams that do not include you I believe they will someday come true What I need is a redeeming diversion To erase this latest desertion Oh how the wind blows So cold Oh how the wind knows My soul
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