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Midnight Boy
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A cowboy loses his horse in the high country, and has to say goodbye.
Acoustic - Acoustic Folk
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Kevin Miller
copyright 2008 by kevin miller
March 08, 2011
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Story behind the song
I've spent a lot of time in tall, mountain country. When a packer's horse goes down, he's faced with the heartbreak of leaving his best friend behind.
Midnight Boy Verse I The dirt won?t dig too far down, Can?t sink a shovel in the cold hard ground. Said goodbye to my old friend, I never thought this ride would end. Instrumental Verse II All along the great divide, Daybreak in the morning, Out late every night. Tough miles to go, and work to do. A cowboy?s nothing without the likes of you. Chorus: Midnight Boy, say goodbye. I?m gonna leave you on this mountainside. So close your eyes, and see the deep blue sky. And the Good Lord to take you on a quiet ride. Verse III It?s time to follow your bright star. A brand new trail, sure to take you far. Off with your saddle, And the reins. Now you run wild all across the plains. Chorus
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