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The Great Re-Gifter
Ever gotten stuff for Christmas that you don't want? Well, maybe someone else would like it.
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December 21, 2008
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Story behind the song
I had to get this one out before Christmas.
Oh yes, I’m the great re-gifter Re-gifting is where I excel When I get crap, I re-box, re-wrap A nice bow, and no one can tell Oh yes, I’m a great re-gifter A gift that I give seems brand new Old socks - argyle - given with a smile And all that I’ll hear is, “Thank you!” The odd candle holders I got last year I give to my boss and I act quite sincere Oh yes, I’m a great re-gifter Bestowing old junk on my friends Some ugly jeans and kitchen machines And no one can tell in the end Its money I don’t have to spend Those sweaters I got from my grand-mama They’re no good to me, I live in Florida Yes, I’m a great re-gifter Of who gave me what, I keep track The list I keep, of who’s rich, who’s cheap Ensures that I don’t give it back If I do, then friends I will lack.