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My original Christmas song called Banjos We Have Heard on High. The song is available on my ep, AIN'T NO GOIN' BACK at CDBaby here: www.CDBaby.com/cd/jedmarum/8 On Youtube at https://youtu.be/PMXCsLFi5o4
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November 24, 2008
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Story behind the song
Jed Marum albums have played regularly on Folk/Bluegrass and Celtic radio programs around the world since 2000. His music is distributed by CDBaby, iTunes and by all the major MP3 services. Jed plays over 150 shows each year across the US at festival and concert venues. In addition to licensing original songs to other artists, Jed has licensed songs and recordings to a Black Hawk Productions television series called TRUE LIVES that ran on the Playboy Channel in 2007 and 2008. He has written and recorded songs for the 2008 film, BLOODY DAWN released by Lone Chimney Films - which played on PBS and in select theaters in 2008. Jed will produce the sound track for Lone Chimney Film?s next release called BLACK FLAG and has been asked to produce the sound track for a feature film in 2009 called Lost Warrior, the executive producer of which is Larry Thomas of Film Services of Louisiana and Joshua International.
Jed Marum's list of albums on Boston Road Records play regularly on Folk Bluegrass and Celtic radio programs around the world, and are likewise distributed widely on all the major MP3 services. He has recorded and performed with some of the finest performers in Celtic and acoustic music today. And he brings his music to festival and club and concert venues throughout the US with over 150 shows each year. In a review of Jed Marum's Irish in the Civil War album, FIGHTING TIGERS OF IRELAND, Nickey Rossiter said, "Jed Marum has a confident knack of taking the history of Ireland and the United States of America, combining them with music and creating some mini epics. This CD, subtitled A U.S. Civil War Collection, does on a single CD a task similar to the great PBS television series on the war." Nicky Rossiter writes on local history and general interest for numerous newspapers, magazines and journals in Ireland and is host of Stories on Ireland's South East Radio. Jed's music is rich but uncomplicated. His voice and lyrics carry the tale and the wisdom beneath unfolds gently over time. In a review of Jed's MILES FROM HOME album, said Catherine L. Tully of celticmp3s.com said, "The simplicity of the music is its magic, which weaves around you and casts a rather lovely spell." And "This is one CD you need to experience for yourself, because it really is that good. If you enjoy folk-styled music, this is at the top of its field." Jed's original songs and recordings have been licensed for use in film, TV and by other recording artists. His music is available on-line at CDBaby.com and at all major MP3 Music services. See more at jedmarum.com
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