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bad 60's-type praise lyrics set to a cliched jug band tune. eeesh
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Country - Christian Country
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john doe's evil twin
public domain, for all I care
September 22, 2008
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My Lord When that sun is risin’ It feels so good to go and start my day When that sun is risin’ It seems like all the clouds just burn away Walk around with a big ol’ grin I keep on a-goin’ no matter what people say When that sky is blue now I’m really fired up to live my life No one can impede me Nobody can stop me this time But then the weather starts to change And I know everybody’s gonna’ try to get in my way Chorus: My Lord-you’ve got me all fired up My Lord-you’ve got my hopes on high My Lord-you’ve got my soul on fire My Lord-you let my spirit fly My Lord, my Lord When my doubts are risin’ It’s good to send a prayer up to the Lord When my doubts are risin’ I must remember where hope comes from Rainclouds are a sign of the times But no one can extinguish Jesus Christ
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