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Moonlight Skater
Lyrics by Robert George - Music by Mark Kaufman
Pop - Pop General
Previous peak charts position #19
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #9
Robert George - Mark Kaufman
Robert George - Mark Kaufman 2008
June 05, 2008
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Moonlight Skater Moonlight skater On your little ice pond hidden in the pines Stars above are silver fruit on heaven’s vine Cool wind in your scarlet curls O lonely moonlight skater twirl Moonlight skater Finding sweet escape in leaps and figure eights Floating into dreams with wings upon your skates Spinning upward toward the sky O lonely moonlight skater fly You slip past your mother out into the bright moonglow She holds her wine just like she once held you long ago O you’ve lived a lifetime for one of your tender years Are those snowflakes on your cherry cheeks or frozen tears Moonlight skater Safe there in the mist of midnight evergreens Stars upon the ice are mirrors of your dreams Faith has found your weary eyes So lonely moonlight skater rise ©2008 Robert George - Mark Kaufman
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