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Stranger Things
Strong bass and drums start slow and methodically then progress and crescendo up to match the driving guitar and tempo climax that emerges to hammer down hard and fit the desperate warning found in the message of the beggar's tale. Play it Loud!
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Rock - Progressive Rock
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Ryan Henke
2008 Ryan Henke
May 12, 2008
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Stranger things than you could imagine Came my way one day I happened Across a beggar, old and haggard I felt his hunger and I asked him "Would you buy a meal if I give you money?" He smiled and said "just share some bread and water with me" Something about this beggar drew me in I sat down on the ground nextr to him I offered him my bottle of water And excused my lack of bread to offer The begger seemed grateful to take a sip He lifted the bottle to wet his parched lips Then he glanced at my large backpack Sitting to the side of his small knapsack And asked why I carry such a heavy load if I tired as I walked along the road I explained to him I walked little and traveled fast On the rails much quicker the distance passed The beggar grinned and a glimmer lit his eyes He leaned close and said "Son, I won't lie I too have traveled far and wide Liverpool to Manchester, across the great divide I've seen steamrollers expand the maps like a spider web she weaves her tracks" I laughed and said "I guess you're like me just want to see all there is to see" Again I caught a glimmer in his eyes But this time I felt his years had made him wise The beggar took my hand and I watched him trace the lines in my palms then sigh Then he reached and touched above my brow and I Felt him trace a wrinkle there above my eyes Then the beggar sat back and he described In surprising detail my short lived life I asked the beggar "Sir if you don't mind your words are true, would you be so kind to explain how you can read the lines?" The beggar spoke my name and replied "Perhaps you and I are somewhat alike for we both are free to see the light But in another place and time I was locked up guilty of no crime I soon forgot the day from night deprived of friends and warmth and light I lost track of things like space and time while dwelling in that hell of mine When I was spit back into life they gave me money to make things right. Now understand I had changed inside My only friends dwelled inside my mind That first cold night out of my hell changed my life, if you care than I'll tell the story of the crazy train and was that Baby Long, or was that it's name So I was cold and I was free and I hid away among some trees The friends in my head said "burn the money" which I did, and it burned warm but it burned quickly But as it burned I fell asleep then was woken by a steam whistle shriek My eyes wide open saw a scene Far beyond my wildest dreams I saw men the likes of kings using their iron grip for building things Each King had power through his crown And forced his will by hammering down And crushing men into stone Dividing the pieces by their color tone Then with these stones each king would build His wealth, his fortress, for his shield Each King though different was alike They shared one mind and they shared their eyes Then the beggar changed his tone of voice and told me I could make a choice simply listen to the rest of his dream or dream it for myself and understand what it means Intrigued I asked him how I might Dream it myself that very night The beggar grinned and he told of a place where among the trees and cold I should burn all the money with me warm my hands and fall asleep I bid the beggar well, then left and found among some trees that cold piece of ground I burned my money as had been told and warmed my hands there in the frigid cold I soon awoke in the very scene described by the beggar in his dream I saw that kingdoms prepare the way for a train that stopped nor night or day Slave labor was used to build the tracks iron chains and whips broke men and backs uprooting treasures, tribes and trees confusing knowledge, killers, kings I wondered how and I wondered why such evil grew and multiplied Then I looked before and looked beyond the kings and slaves, the free and bond I saw long train, seven red engines pulled with 10 whistles the train's engineer controlled dressed in red, purple, fine stones pearls and gold together the engineer ten whistles blowed And I saw great numbers boarding this train their boarding pass stamped with the trains name on their backs all they treasures aboard they carried all they had gained for all they had tarried Though heavy her load ahead the train forged robbing of the land all the things taken aboard When passing through kingdoms, the engineer paid kings duty She paid them richly from the trains treasure booty My heart was pained with what I'd seen the destruction of earth and man by kings I found myself down on my knees crying out "Please change these things" Then the beggar appeared within my dream and said "Son, things aren't always as they seem" He said free will is God's great gift Then he pointed yonder to a sheer faced cliff I saw the train had a single path straight off the ledge into God's wrath Beside the cliff sat a narrow foot bridge that crossed the pit below up to a high mountain ridge I saw the beggar by foot arrive following a path through the trees and countryside Out of kingdoms reach and rule he had found his way unto the higher ground then the beggar with love in his eyes said "walk the path, and to carry bread and water is wise" I woke up alone unsure what to think But my mouth did thirst to find a drink With no money to quickly wet my lips I was like the beggar free of the worlds whips
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