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Titanic (Rolling Stones Parody)
The actually GOOD theme to the Titanic movie (Too bad it's 11 years too late).
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Matthias (Featuring Below Average Dave)
March 14th, 2008
April 20, 2008
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Story behind the song
This was a song I posted for the Ages of Amiright: Transportation Round. I placed 5th in it, but I still think that the song was better than a lot of people lead on (Maybe, because it was about a film that people didn't take it seriously in that competition, but I still liked this parody).
I got a free pass for the new cruise Titanic You bet your sweet ass, a nice break will do the trick I get the poor guy’s suite doesn’t even have windows I check for a life vest, but I can’t find one of those The wealthy light cigars aboard the Titanic The poor guys play beer pong until they all get sick I go and hit on chicks, this Rose babe wants to play So I get her tipsy, till she’s naked and I paint I hold her on ship’s bow, she says, “I’m flying Jack!” She said the same thing when she’s introduced to crack Life was fun till I found out, the captain’s mind is thick From now on I’ll choose Carnival, cause I’m done with Titanic Was pissed at freaking seagulls, and all the sea sick puke But now I’m so peeved cause my new complaint is huge Navigator must be blind or maybe out to lunch Iceberg, made our boat leak, and that sure packs a punch I see a wet floor, as I slosh through Titanic Soaked corridors and décor the room is flooded quick Women and children first, guess the men don’t get to vote Soon the whole boat is sunk, on a ship’s door we float Hmmm… hmmm… hmmm “Don’t ever board a “bragged” ship Titanic Really bites Water’s cold When your captain is drunk Navigator is high You all just might end up soaking, soaking, soaking… Soaking Wet! Damn!” Hmmm… hmmm… hmmm