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Reindeer Horn Buyers Get Elk Poop For Free
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Sweden 101 - The Crash Course: Everything you need to know about this part of Scandinavia!
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Words: Peter Andersson. Voice: Jack Fletcher
April 06, 2008
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As soon as we're born we're mentally scarred By living in darkness in this land afar Where no-one knows jack about God or Nascar From fighting the cold nights we've all STDs And the suicide rate is like one outta three With socialist doctrines we're brainwashed at school As adults we're travelling by snow-scooterpool And we're all fucking tanked 'cos on vodka we fuel A quite common first name is Ralph, 'cos you see The moonshining business is flourishing free When the Japanize tourists wants photos each year We sometimes must wrestle our street polar bears But a wolverine's urine they can't tell from beer And reindeer horn buyers get elk poop for free With Home-Ec class teachers approved guarantee We're doped with reality shows on TV But they are as fun as a Bergman moo-vie We were berzerking Vikings, now we're falling free We've bicycle helmets IF we stand to pee And seat-belted safe sex is man-datory Our gloom is controlled as we're all popping pills But when the sun breaks through we all rush to grill When we're off to Valhalla we've paid all our bills The prominent features of Sweden are three IKEA assembling, free sex and decrees If you don't believe me just come here and see If you want to know Sweden just listen to me If you want to know Sweden just listen to me
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