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Dime In My Wife
A parody of Green Day's Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)
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Previous peak charts position #53
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #16
David/SDG of Karaoke Version
February 14, 2008
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2:27 minutes
Story behind the song
Written as part of my "Singles of 2008" songs, a fun parody to a somewhat sad original song.
Another battery A circuit board that's slowed It grabbed me by my hips It's Intel chip won't load Made her for cash but she's knee deep in my life I took one look and her robotic lips kiss fine Her love is unbelievable I built her not to fight Please put another Dime in my Wife She was a prostitute but legally she's fine Keeps it to herself and won't play with your mind She really paid my bills at least for awhile We fell in love So I uploaded a child I love my little robo hoe Her fee is set just right Please put another Dime in my Wife (Images of Robo h*** in video in love with David) Her A.I.'s not predictable I won't forget those nights I can't put no more Dimes in my Wife One day when I had gotten home In horror from the site She cheated with my Dell for no dimes
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