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B.A.D. Disgrace (Green Day Parody)
This one was a fun little song I put together about myself. . .It like many others I'm doing lately uses a backing track which I have obtained permission to use from karaoke-version.com/en/
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Podcasts - Parody
David/SDG of Karaoke Version
October 04, 2007
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Story behind the song
Written by Below Average Dave about his life to a song that ironically was about the life of the author of the original song, Billie Joe Armstrong. Below Average Dave gathers a lot of his courage from listening to Green Day's older work, as it reflects a lot of his own feelings. Special thanks to Karaoke-Version (http://www.karaoke-version.com/en/) for allowing me to use their tracks, you should check them out for the best karaoke tracks available at a VERY affordable price.
I like eating limes Prefer mixed drinks to wine and everyone knows deep inside I'm a WUSS Some of you oppose My pessimistic views Psychotic when I groan and I ADMIT IT I sing about how I'm so cheap and I drink milk with Trix and Sprees One day I want a PUP My bills are stacking up Am I obese and round, or am I BIG BONED? I love the ice rink and snacks at Dairy Queen When I was tiny, I was scared of all CLOWNS I sucked at all chores Was never into gore Not known for crying when I felt all LEFT OUT My depth is far from just skin deep I loved to go and Trick or Treat Too bad I'm now grown UP More time spent at the pub I'm next to unemployed, but I stay tough Oh Oh Lost---Last---Time---I---BOWLED. . . . and I stay up 'til dawn I never cared too much for sleep Insomniac drinking caffeine I think I might end up Having just one more cup Are you guys cracking up, or am I DISOWNED
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