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Wake Me Up (Evanescence Parody)
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A parody written by Rex Ungericht specifically for an AmIRight contest about Evanescence, and the winner of that contest--it had to be recorded. (Special Thank Below Average Dave and karaoke-version.com/en/ who licensed the backing track.
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Rex Ungericht/Below Average Dave/Karaoke-Version
September 22, 2007
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Story behind the song
The song was written by Rex Ungericht for the AmIRight Artistry Contest Round 10 (Evanescence). It's a parody of Evanescence's hit song "Bring me to Life" about partying and waking up the next day for work. The song won the round in which it was entered. Below Average Dave is the vocalist performing the song Karaoke Version gave Below Average Dave permission to use their backing tracks. They are a talented karaoke track company who has instant downloads, a wide selection and a stellar company. karaoke-version.com/en/
Why did I stay out half the night just like before Finally got home at ten to four Where I just need to sleep But not for long I need to head back out at dawn So there is something that I need you to do (Wake me up) Wake me up in time (I can’t wake up) Wake me up at five (Shake me) Call my name and get me out of bed (Wake me up) Can’t be late to work (I can’t wake up) My boss’ll go berserk (Shake me) I’ll be busted down to file clerk Now that you know the straits I’m in You’ve got to help me Can’t leave this circumstance to chance Please watch the clock (Wake me up) Give my head a swat (I can’t wake up) Start the coffee pot (Aid me) Get me ready to head out of here (Wake me up) Help me wash my hair (I can’t wake up) And give me clothes to wear (Shave me) Why was I not born a millionaire (I need some sleep) (I’ve been hitting the bars, and partying hard) (I need some sleep) I won’t get up without a poke without severe prodding Only you have a chance to wake me (When you do it I’ll cry and moan and wail and fuss But get me out in time to catch the morning bus) It’s been only a minute – so it seems Now I’m hearing your piercing “wake up” screams (My aching bones, my swollen tongue, my throbbing head) (Just let me die now) (Why won’t you let me sleep?) This is my life (Wake me up) Feeling like I’m dead (I can’t wake up) Yank me out of bed (Raise me) Pour a glass of water on my head (Wake me up) Don’t let me delay (I can’t wake up) We do this everyday (Drag me) Push me out the door and on my way (Then you admit) (Hey there’s no work today, today’s Saturday) (You lousy #*^%)
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