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Falling Stones
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Previous peak charts position #512
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #85
c. 2007 Vlayman
May 02, 2008
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3:55 minutes
Falling Stones Falling Stones c. '07 Vlayman Produx Walkin' down the street alone Feelin' like I ain' wanna go home And every rhyme I do have been done It'z been done Fallin' my head are stones 4 Sleepin' in my bed alone All alone don't make much of a home Still an' all whut's done is done I know you ain' gonna come, Back here where I sleep alone Back to what used to be yer home Whut we did is what we done It's been done Fallin' my head are stones Bridge Cry at night, all alone Cry at night in my lonely home Every night I cry, I cry It's been done Fallin' my head are stones RvmGtr: Hamer_Vox_SM58_VtB1 Bass: P_Boogie_AT404_VTB1 Voc: AT4040_Meek LdGtr: Tele_Marshall_C-02(omni)_VTB1 Cowbell: C-02(hprcrd)_VTB1
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