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133. Show a little mercy
Listen to the words of the prophet Oded, and when your enemy is down, don't kick him!
Pop - Contemporary Christian
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John Hartley / John Hartley
John Hartley 2007
June 05, 2007
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Story behind the song
This song is dedicated to the Rev'd John Walker, who challenged me to write a hymn based on the words of the prophet Oded (in 2 Chronicles 28:9-11) when he cautioned the king of Aram against taking out his anger on the prisoners of war which his army had captured. And what better message for peace today? Lyrics: SHOW A LITTLE MERCY You may have won a great vict'ry,
and beaten your foe hands down.
And all because God was angry,
'cos your enemy's evil made him frown. So show a little mercy now you're on top,
and be careful of what you do:
'Cos God is the one who gave your enemy the chop,
and you don't want it to happen to you!
You may have won a great battle
and beaten amazing odds:
but don't be boastful or waffle
that the credit was your own, and not God's. So show ... Now take a lesson from Oded
the prophet of God Most High!
And when your foes are exploded,
then you wanna show a merciful eye. And show ... Words and music copyright (c) John Hartley 2007.
All rights reserved.
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