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Anybody Seen My Dickies
A parody that probably half of the people I know can relate to, but one that probably is a little more serious than it sounds--BTW, at the time I wrote this one. . .I was unaware only where my checkbook is-which is not mentioned in the song.
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July 12, 2009
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Story behind the song
Well, frankly, I'm surprised not many have done this idea before. I mean, "Anybody Seen My Stuff?" kinda parody was long overdue for this one. I love the original song, and the Rolling Stones, and I had to put this one in my collection.
I woke up one day you see Couldn't find my watch or keys Trying to hang on to that job was so laughable Then my pants had a big hole Showed I wore briefs after all Boss was quick to say I'm "Fired" My mind is fried I just don't know what to do Then I, I starve all night I wish I could find my food I can't seem to find my wallet Think I lost my shirt in the town Likely gonna lose my mind It's lost, memory's unkind Hope someday I'll turn this around I ordered Sex on the Beach Drank it down, jumped to my feet Then my eyes became a blur Trying to avoid a fight But I swear he stole my bike Did I just lose it again? My words have slurred Lost my pants, so I am in the nude Left them Don't know where My car may be gone for good ( Anybody seen my Dickies ) ( Think I left them down on the ground ) ( Wish I could find my eyes ) ( Hey Sir, have you seen my mind ) Anybody seen it around (Anybody Seen, anybody seen it around) Oh yeah, lost it again First I lost my boxers then Fleece next my clippers and my whole wardrobe I hope to find my sanity, it's like this Anybody seen my sausage (Anybody, Anybody Seen My Sausage) Has anybody seen it, anybody seen it around I just walked outside Looked in It was gone, yes gone, bye-bye Anybody seen it around Why did you just eat my sausage You should leave things where they're found Oh Yeah, I must have looked a thousand times Sometimes I think it's a trick on my imagination.
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