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Rebirth of the Dolphins (original v1.0)
'The name of this tune is so appropriate to the tune itself! And I must confess - the music here is awesome - airish, with a beautiful lead melody and good use of drums': this is what Zenofex's radio station wrote about this song (in mp3.com)
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Electronic - Electronica
Previous peak charts position #297
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #61
September 16, 2006
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4:48 minutes
Story behind the song
This original song is the most important representation of "Atlantean Harmonies", which repeat themselves (sometimes... monotonously -hehe) in my work (WinterSwimmer). You can click here to browse a a kind of short autobiography, associated with this song. This particular remix was recently remastered (Sept.2006) but originally created in the last day of the last millenium (31 December 1999), and then the song was placed on-line in the site "I.U.M.A.", where it became distinguished: In August 2000, this song was proclaimed "Music of the Week" by Zenofex's Radio Station (Click HERE to see a copy of this web-page).
(seeking female singer to sing it): Atlantis, graceful Inner Land Your waters flow into the sand You gave me a jewel I did not know: You taught me gently how to grow I don�t really know what to do with you I thought �All is One�, but it is Not-Two The Not-Two is All, my Only One The One I loved without the Sun Your charm is back, so full of warmth I grasp to reach it, but then it�s gone When I think of you, sweet magic soul Your smile is covered by your song My secret Muse and friendly foe Thou, Art greater than Mister (E.A.) Poe When I try to meet you, I step on my toes Walking upside-down in corridoors You Art the Divine Witness of My Soul You always loved me, despite my Faults You are a wild-cat, with a Tale (tail) Untold You, a Newly born Goddess, Divinely Old