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Please Don't Break My Atari
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Don't step on my joystick!
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Paul Petroskey
2000 Rocks and Rolling Records
December 28, 2001
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My son and I both still use the 2600 on a regular basis. It was a huge influence in my life before I discovered the Ramones.
Please don't break my Atari or you're gonna be sorry (2x) I've had my Atari for quite a bit I still have the original Combat game that came with it The TV/Computer switch has a loose wire but just jiggle it a little bit and we can still play Dragonfire I don't like to brag about my past but I scored 890,000 points on Laser Blast Don't let my effort be in vain (2x) I know you were just 5 points from your high score but please put down my system now cuz I won't take any more Don't do anything that you'll regret Don't step on my joystick cuz then I won't have a set My Pac-man cartridge might not be new But my Mom paid 50 bucks for that way back in 1982 I don't wanna see it get smashed (2x) If you break my Atari then you break my heart (2x) Git down!!!!!!! Yars' Revenge is new for Atari; have you played Atari today?
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