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Look At The Love We're In (male version)
Mid-tempo: a man and woman looking back on a lifetime of trials, but relishing in the love it's given them.
Single - $0.75
Country - Country General
Previous peak charts position #15
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #6
Bizzack / Adcock
August 05, 2005
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Sometimes it seems there’s lotsa’ dreams that slowly passed us by And it’s been tough to get ahead no matter how we try But when I’m at the end of my rope and still comin’ up short I know I’m still blessed when life’s a mess, when I look at what it’s all for CHORUS Just look at the love we’re in Just look at the way we’re friends Just look at all where we’ve been, through the years We’ll I’d do it all again The same way from beginning to end We’ve always made such good sense Just look at the love we’re in There was that spring in Abilene we lived on that cell phone Rode out that storm in Beaumont, I like to never made it home That Christmas down in Tupelo, places I swore we’d never go What got me through was lovin’ you, and those letters that you wrote CHORUS (Repeat) BRIDGE You’ve always been the reason, my reason to go on Even when all reason, to go on sometimes feels gone CHORUS (Repeat) TAG