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A slow, smoky jazz ballad scored for piano, electric jazz guitar, bass, drums and vibraphone.
Jazz - Jazz Vocals
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Music, lyrics and vocal by Loren Francis Spain
@ 2009
April 11, 2018
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2:57 minutes
Story behind the song
This ballad was composed in 2009 with only one verse of lyrics. Nine years later the rest of the lyrics just fell into place in a single evening. The theme of the song? Sometimes, the more deeply in love you are with someone, the more insecure you're apt to feel about your relationship with that person
"Lately" Copyright @2009 by Loren Francis Spain VERSE ONE Lately... I've been imagining terrible things Nights without stars Days when birds do not sing Something's coming to an end VERSE TWO Slowly... A shadow falls, though no clouds shroud the sky Signs there's a chance of a future good-bye Something's coming to an end, but, what then? No longer lovers, but friends? 16 BAR BRIDGE w/ SOLO PIANO VERSE THREE Faintly... I hear the song of your sweet, laughing voice My eyes behold you, and we both rejoice The start of another day VERSE FOUR Plainly... My fear of losing you was too extreme But, now, I know it was only a dream Nothing's coming to an end...
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