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Cardboard Jesus
Sometimes all you really need is someone to tell you it's all gonna be okay.
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Alternative - Indie
Previous peak charts position #383
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Heath Houston
March 02, 2004
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Story behind the song
Cardboard Jesus was written, oddly enough, after actually seeing a cardboard Jesus cut out. A fake, paper, plastic substitute for what people really need... the understanding of just one other human being.
Cardboard Jesus If I stand you up straight And keep the rain away And always keep you close to me Will you save my soul? Will you offer me peace Will you take the pain away? If I keep you close to me Will you help me forget the past few days? ::Chorus:: Be my cardboard jesus save me from myself cause i'll surely mess things up in the end be my tissue angel soft and pretty cheap and disposable look the part, and make me confess it's all I really need. ::Chorus:: I do penance on my knees for the pain that just won't go please offer me sanctuary and ease me into the undertow my arms bleed like a broken heart my eyes are filled with doubt wrap me with one last embrace and turn my screams all inside out
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