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The Dream (Fairy)
Track 21. 'The Dream'. From the album 'Fairy' by MDashK, MixWaves. Production started in April 2009. Wave X Samples. This music is dedicated to ZeroSlugFM.
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December 02, 2010
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4:17 minutes
Story behind the song
There had been a long time since I used these samples and I was missing a new music done with them. Also, ZeroSlugFM had made two remixes dedicated to me. So I decided to make a fresh from the start music using these and not another re-arranged music file like the other ones. I started thinking about something to relate the music to, and then it came to me: Dreams! But... a Dream related music? Can be a little too soft... Hmm... I know! A Nightmare! - So that's basically it. The music starts smoothly like a dream, but then, just like that, it turns into a nightmare. Kinda of one where you fight someone or struggle yourself to safety... Also, this music is the first one where I've inserted my own vocals on. With some distorcion of course. Sometimes in the middle of the music, you can ear someone saying something. Yeah, that's me. The words? Here's the order of them: Nightmare, Come Here, Fight Me, Die. Why these words? Because I imagined the Nightmare has a struggle to escape from someone, fight that same someone and in the end, when almost escaping and surviving... You just wake up!
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