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Go Get Em (Prod. DJ EAR)
Song #14 Off ReeLigion
HipHop - Hip Hop General
Previous peak charts position #624
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #338
December 01, 2010
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128 kbps bitrate
2:05 minutes
I know ya not ready, but EAR said go get em/ Let me off my chain said heres some momentum/ They gonna wanna inject fear but dont let em/ Man you better let it infest when ya pierce with yo venom/ Ima beast out his cage, unleashin on a page/ You about to see ReeZen feastin on a stage/ Grit teeth in rage, till the muthaf*** a bleed/ And set that sh** on fire till you other suckas leave/ When ReeZ on top there is no second prize/ Turn this muthaf*** a b*** , and let it feminize/ Ima Phenom, son, you better recognize/ That I can spit on a beat until the beggin record dies/ Ima satanic muthaf*** a, panic and duck/ Coz Ima manic with a habit of just hangin em up/ I Leave em danglin damn I never bandage em up/ F*** , noone on this planet is as savage as us/ Coz I can strangle a man with just a bangle damn/ And I can handle my own, so dont tangle man/ Im so sick of seein you snakes slither in/ With ya tail between ya legs and ya face with a grin/ I been to the bottom, and I scraped the sh** / And I met fear, I laughed in the face of it/ There is no backin down, no acting out, no, not havin that/ Your better off settin your neck on a platter/ b*** , Im bringin the best so/ You better be ready, steady, set, lets go/ Yes you can bet that Ima nasty dude/ Because I reach in ya throat and pull ya larynx through/ Im sick and twisted with a demented mind/ Yet I Let it vent and find any event define/ Myself, and if im in an inventive time/ I might spit a rhyme with intent to find/ An incentive, meant to defend the fine/ Art of Hip Hop, relentless test of time/ Bet this, let this, message sink in/ Im sick, b*** , what you thinkin?/ Never gonna beat me, best to just be me/ How can you hate me when you cant see me?/ Leave me alone coz the matter of fact is/ Its easy, like Im back attackin them fat kids/ Lines so clever youll be hung over laughin/ Get it the next day - Zach Galifinakas/
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